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You pick up the phone - we fit pre-painted (20 colours to choose from) gutters and downpipes to your house or factory. As a free service, we also remove and discard your old gutters.

Q: Why do you need gutters?
Gutters will protect your valuable investment against water damage by - preventing roof water, from soaking foundation trenches and soiling your walls, windows and windowsills. This will drastically reduce damp in walls, cracks in plaster work, splash back of mud onto walls, subsidence of foundations, etc. Gutters can also be used to aesthetically round of the roofline. Colours can be chosen to blend in with the wall and roof colours, or contrasting colours can be used to brighten up the house.

Q: What gutters are available?
A :
Maintenance free Aluminium or Colourbond / Cromadeck profiled gutters that are pre-painted inside and outside and are rolled to any length from the mobile factory that we bring to your premises. Special Colourbond / Cromadeck pre-painted and galvanized gutters that can be bent to your own size and profile. These gutters can be manufactured in 6m lengths with a girth of up to 1,225m and different thicknesses of material up to 1mm thick.

Special rainwater goods i.e water boxes, box gutters, square or round downpipes can also be supplied and fitted.

Q: Why use us?
We have over 40 years of combined experience and will give you good service and workmanship at a reasonable price. We are based in Silverton Pretoria but we also have sales offices on the Westrand, Eastrand and Bloemfontein. We can also do projects in other areas in a 100km radius surrounding Gauteng i.e Brits, Hartebeespoortdam, Rustenburg, Witbank, Bela Bela, etc.

Give us a call on 0861 011 022 / 012 804 7062 and our consultants
can advise you further or come to your premises to give a free quotation.